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Tradelocks Keyed Alike and Mastersuite Service

Keyed Alike Cylinders

Apart from just stocking a range of ‘off the shelf’ keyed alike cylinders in pairs, we are able to create custom keyed alike orders using our experienced in-house locksmiths. Our locksmiths are BSi Kitemark registered, which means when they key alike the cylinders, the Kitemark status of the UAP+ cylinders are not affected. Using non-kitemark registered locksmiths to key alike Kitemarked cylinders will make the Kitemark on that euro cylinder invalid!


This means that it is possible to key alike any number of euro cylinders together, all of different sizes, finishes and with or without a thumbturn! You can offer your customers the full solution, and make front doors, back doors and patio doors all operate with one key!


Brand New

It is now possible to key alike the UAP+ cylinders to the brand new UAP 6 pin Rim cylinders!



Mastersuite Systems

We are also able to create custom mastersuite orders using our experienced in-house locksmiths. No matter how complicated the mastersuite system, our powerful software will be able to create the system for you, giving different keys the power to open different doors. This is ideal for local authorities, sheltered accommodation, commercial premises, apartment buildings, hotels and University blocks!

If you are struggling to figure out how a mastersuite system will work best, our locksmiths are on hand to help you out and create a Mastersuite system for you!


If you need a mastersuite system within 48 hours, we stock a range of ‘off the shelf’ mastersuite cylinders which are ready for immediate dispatch! Contact us today for more information!

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