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1* Kitemarked Euro Cylinders


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1* Kitemarked Euro Cylinders

Ensure Clients Security with UAP Plus Zero Lift Euro Cylinders

As a professional clients will seek your expertise not only in fitting and fixing locks but providing information in choosing the ideal Euro cylinders to boost overall door security and it doesn’t get any better than the UAP Plus Zero Lift Euro Cylinders available at TradeLocks. These fantastic cylinders offer a plethora of security features that will help boost the overall home security and provide your clients the peace of mind knowing that they are protected. They are designed to stop all possible attempts of forced entry and come with the ‘Secure by Design’ approval.

Developed to meet the BSI Kitemark TS007:2012 1 star standard the UAP Plus Zero Lift Euro Cylinders are available in four different options so as to ensure you will find the most suitable option for your clients. Choose from the Irish Market Replacement Cylinders if you are located in Ireland. They have been specifically developed to match the different door size standards to ensure that the cylinder does not overhang providing intruders a means of forced entry. The standard Euro Cylinders come available in a variety of sizes so as to ensure that you are able to choose the ideal lock for your clients to ensure maximum security. For clients that have limited hand movement we highly recommend you offer them the Thumbturn Euro Cylinders that offer a large D shaped thumbturn ensuring that they can easily and quickly lock and unlock the door without fiddling with keys. Lastly, our Keyed Alike Cylinders are ideal for your clients that have more than one entry to the home and would like to have one key for both.

The UAP Plus Zero Lift Euro Cylinders feature the following security measures:

Sacrificial Cut Line: so as to break at the line rather than at the lock mechanism preventing manipulation of the lock

Anti-Bump: over 800,000 different key combinations possible with the Patented “timing pin” system

Anti-Pick: 3 anti-pick stainless steel pins on both sides of the cylinder

Anti-Drill: anti-drill pins located in the barrel and the plug prevent drilling of the cylinder with anything but a special drill

TradeLocks offers the best of the best on the market and focus on providing professional locksmiths a variety of options they can offer their clients to ensure optimum door security. Our products are developed and designed to be fit onto doors with ease and speed. 

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