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Narrow Door Chains

Provide your clients with added door security by fitting a Narrow Door Chain. Developed to withstand forced entry it is easy to fit and even easier to work with. The 3 piece Narrow Door Chains available in this range exceed 200nm breaking strength and assure extended door security when checking who is on the other side of the door. 


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Narrow Door Chains

Up Door Security with Narrow Door Chains

Aside from assuring door security from intruders attempting to break in while homeowners are away or asleep it’s essential to consider bogus callers and intruders attempting to push their way through the front door when answered. The Narrow Door Chains available at TradeLocks offer an easy and inexpensive solution.

Unlike other door chains which break under excess pressure this impressive door hardware have a 200 nm breaking strength and are made entirely of steel with individually welded links. This means that even the strongest and biggest man that decides to break through the door they will be unable to even budge this great product. Though ideal for every home these great door chains are ideal for the elderly as well as those with small children as they can double as an added safety measure to keep children from leaving the home unnoticed.

Developed by UAP these MAX6MUM SECURITY Narrow Door Chains come with all of the necessary fixings as well as full fitting instructions which allow your customers to fit them themselves with ease and speed. Designed to withstand high pressure and assure added home security it’s essential to always confirm who is on the other side of the door before answering and this fantastic product presents just that opportunity.

Stock up on the Narrow Door Chains available at TradeLocks and offer your customers a full range of door security products which they can purchase and fit themselves rather than seek a 3rd party to do it. By showing them that you care about their home security and offering them great products such as these they will continue to return and seek your services for more difficult jobs which they cannot do themselves.

TradeLocks offers a variety of tools and fantastic inexpensive home security solutions ideal for professionals looking to impress their clients with great products yet low prices. Home security is essential in Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland with crime rates still on the rise and homeowners are seeking the opinion and recommendation of professional locksmiths on how to keep their homes safe, be the locksmith that they trust and they will continue to recommend you. 

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