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Inside our brand new, state of the art complex in Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, we have designed a purpose-built 3000 sq ft. Academy of Excellence to train each of our fire door maintenance operatives.

The training centre has over ten different types of fire doors from a whole host of different suppliers and manufacturers, in a bespoke
flat corridor style set up for practical training of fire door assessors. This includes timber and composite fire doors, flat and cross corridor doors, including stairwell and riser doors, for practical training and assessment.

Operatives are trained to identify and fix any issues that they come across when inspecting the fire doors. 

All fire doors differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the way that each door is inspected therefore differs too.
What makes us stand out from every else is the bespoke way that we train our operators to work on your doors.

The training facility also has classroom facilities for the theory training requirements for fire door assessors and maintenance personnel.



Our operatives are bespokely trained in our training academy of excellence





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Fire Door Inspection Training Course

Fire Door Inspection Training Course

Fire Door Inspection Training Course

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