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Identity Card Slots

Developed by MAX6MUM SECURITY the impressive Identity Card Slots available at TradeLocks provide added door security by allowing the homeowner to review a visitors ID and confirm their identity before even unlocking the door. Great not only for keeping bogus callers away but for preventing a would-be-criminal from gaining entry to the home by falsifying their identity these fantastic door security slots are available in a number of attractive finishes. 


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Identity Card Slots

Assure Security with Identity Card Slots

Priced perfectly for resale the MAX6MUM SECURITY Identity Card Slots are a great option to make an added profit from your locksmith shop. Many homeowners don’t even know of their existence and once they are offered this option will certainly quickly realize how important they are for their door security.

Improving door security starts with the customer understanding the possible dangers. Many homeowners don’t know that a large perfect of burglaries are done by people they actually allow freely into their home by opening the door unknowingly. Fitting door security hardware such as door viewers and secure locks and chains is only part of to ensuring they steer clear of their home.

Available finishes are:

·         Polished Stainless Steel

·         PVD Gold

·         Black

·         Chrome

·         Gold

·         White

Very simple to fit and use all the homeowner has to do when someone calls at their door is lift up the sliding latch on the side which allows the caller to slip through their identification card. This Card Entry Slot allows for easy and fast use and prevents the common awkward fumbling when this procedure is done through the letter box or the partially opened door with the chain on. Not to mention that by having this and other door security hardware fit onto the door burglars and other intruders along with bogus callers are often deterred by the care the homeowner has taken to keep their home safe.

As with all other MAX6MUM SECURITY products the Identity Card Entry Slots come with all fitting instructions which make the process much easier and faster. Priced perfectly to ensure that you as a locksmith make profit they are a great way not only to make an impression with the variety you offer but with your prices of high quality door security hardware.

TradeLocks works with locksmiths throughout the United Kingdom. With fast and secure shipping to Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain we offer a variety of products from top home security brands such as MAX6MUM SECURITY. 

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