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Genuine Lishi T3 Tools

Genuine Lishi T3 Tools

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Genuine Lishi T3 Tools

The new generation of Genuine Lishi® tools is now available for the Professional Auto Locksmith and Security specialist.

The T3 is the result of 4 years developing, testing and trials. T3 draws on UAP Tradelocks' 15 years of metal coating technology to bring to the market the most advanced Vehicle Opening tools in the world.

Genuine Lishi® T3, aimed at the most dedicated auto locksmith professional, stands for ough, Technically-Advanced Tools and is different to Night Vision tools in many ways.

We have used the most advanced coating technology using a combination of titanium and other precious materials to give a pure black finish to the tools. We had developed a simple Gold Titanium finish more than 4 years ago, but we rejected the development due to the reflection issues, and gold is not a good colour as it shows scratches.

The first requirement was to produce a True anti-glare tool, something we had been working on since 2009. Everyone knows that Black is the most anti-glare colour, but achieving a long lasting black is extremely difficult in a production process on metal. But after many trials and combinations, we have developed a Jet Black tool, and the grid is a contrasting white making it the most easy to read grid in the market.

The coating we have used adds extra strength to the key components, making it tougher than normal tools. So on those slightly older locks, this is the perfect tool to use.

We also wanted to add into the coating, less friction, so that the tools will glide more easily into the locks, and be as smooth as they can possibly be. Our new coating does this perfectly.

At Tradelocks we listen to our customers, and of the 25 countries we export to, many expressed concerns over their own customers knowing what tools they were using. We took this on board and with it created an anonymous coding system, whereby tools are labelled with a ‘T’ code and not the name of the tool. With just the grid and this code visible on the tool, it would be very difficult for anyone else to know what tool you are using.

Genuine Lishi® T3 tools are the most up to date and stable tools in the market. We know that the Auto Professionals and Security Specialists need the best, and T3 delivers the best performance.

Genuine Lishi® T3 Tools come in the now famous Genuine Lishi® Trays and on the label to the tray is the 'T' Code and the Tools reference using a Silca code.

So if you want the very best tools available in the world, then the Genuine Lishi® T3 is the perfect range for you.

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