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Victorian Scroll Door Knockers

An excellent value for money the attractive 7” Victoria Scroll Door Knockers from UAP are a great way to make any front door more attractive as well as spare visitors knuckles when they come knocking at the door. Featuring an all metal construction and easy to cut nylon fixings that will never rust the door knockers are not only attractive but very durable. 


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Victorian Scroll Door Knockers

Attractive 7” Victoria Scroll Door Knocker Ideal for Doors with Panels, Planks, and Mouldings


Ideal for any home in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain the impressive and very attractive 7” Victoria Scroll Door Knockers are a great addition to any professional locksmith shop. Make an extra profit by offering this attractive door hardware and help your clients impress their visitors.

TradeLocks offers a wide range of fantastic products from UAP and these great door knockers do not fail to impress. Developed to be as durable as they are attractive they are manufactured of high grade metal and feature the impressive nylon fixings which go through the door and never rust. They are very simple to fit as these nylon fixings require nothing more than a kitchen knife to cut but are still durable enough to keep the knocker in place and secure. The rest of the fixings match in colour to ensure that everything is in perfect unison thus making the 7” Victoria Scroll Door Knocker a great choice for locksmiths and homeowners alike.

The first thing that visitors see is the exterior of the home and overall the fixings of the front door. This goes beyond the door handle and the lock but include the door knocker, the letterplates, and even the door viewer. If any of these are mismatched or shabby this will reflect on the home and in turn the owner of the home. With that said the UAP 7” Victoria Scroll Door Knockers are available in Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, as well as White. This way you can match the door fixings not only in style and overall design but in finish as well. Designed to fit between vertical panels of a door the 7” Victoria Scroll Door Knockers available at TradeLocks are a great way to add style, class, and a bit of charm to any door which makes them the ideal choice for any locksmith shop.

TradeLocks serves professional locksmiths throughout Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain. With numerous fantastic products such as the Victoria Scroll Door Knockers professional locksmiths have a variety of ways to earn an extra profit by selling door hardware and accessories right out of their shop. 

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