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Lions Head Door Knockers

Add a dramatic touch to your products by offering the TradeLocks Lions Head Door Knockers range. Impressive in every way the designs are what every door needs for a touch of drama, class, and style. Manufactured of high grade solid brass and covered in durable finishes this fantastic door hardware is available in several impressive designs and finishes. 


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Lions Head Door Knockers

Help Clients Make a Statement with Lions Head Door Knockers


Easily match these impressive Lions Head Door Knockers available at TradeLocks to any door hardware with the variety of great finishes and designs available. Present your clients with something different and unique that they cannot find elsewhere.

There should be a centrepiece for every door and the best way to get this result is with an impressive door knocker. By stocking your shop with these great Lions Head Door Knocker options you will be able to offer your customers a great variety of unique and impressive door knockers which are sure to outlast all others with their durable finish and overall solid brass construction.

TradeLocks has several great options. For a smaller door or a less dramatic centrepiece the 4” Lions Head Door Knocker is a great choice. Smaller than the rest it attracts the eye but makes an impression once the visitor is up close. To make a better impression from further away the 6” Lions Head Door Knockers are a great choice and available in two great options. Lastly, for a magnificent impression from the curb, consider the grand 9” in Diameter Lions Head Door Knocker that never misses to catch the eye.

Each of the impressive Lions Head Door Knockers available at TradeLocks is developed to have a long life and ensure that they do not corrode or deteriorate over time. Their high quality finish ensures durability while their pristine manufacturing guarantees that each is perfectly formed and just as attractive as the last. By stocking up on these grand door knockers you will be able to complete your door hardware selection available for your customers and certainly make a great profit from offering them in your shop.

TradeLocks works with the needs of professional locksmiths not only with the highest quality and most impressive lock tools but also great door security products and door hardware with which they can stock their shop. Your customers trust you and the products you offer should be of high quality in order to maintain their trust. With locksmiths from Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain turning to us for all of their lock tools and door hardware you know you are getting the best there is on the market. 

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