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TL Budget Euro Cylinders

The TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinder range offers a variety of options to ensure not only a perfect fit onto the door to prevent overhanging and encourage lock snapping by burglars, but three great style options: TradeLocks Double Euro Cylinder, TradeLocks Keyed Alike in Pairs, and the TradeLocks Thumbturn Cylinder Lock. In order to better match the lock to the rest of the hardware they are also available in Nickel and Brass. 


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TL Budget Euro Cylinders

TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinders Far from Budget Quality

Looking for a budget option to offer your clients but still want to impress them? The TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinders not only impress but they are within the price range of most all the while still offering numerous great features that ensure higher home and certainly door security. With features such as Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill, and Anti-Bump you know you are getting a cylinder that will challenge and discourage any intruder.

What sets the TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinder Lock aside from other budget cylinders on the market? It has three main high security features which discourage even hardened and well trained criminals from attempting to enter the home. With Anti-Pick Mushrooms and 2 Anti-Drill Pins the TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinder is guaranteed to secure any front door. Also featuring UAP’s patented Anti-Bump System the door will also be protected against the most popular and most difficult to prevent technique intruders use today.

More and more people in around the World are concerned about their overall home security and are beginning to realize that their door security isn’t nearly as secure as it should be. When this happens they turn to their trusted locksmith for recommendations and suggestions, but not all budgets are the same. If your client has a lower budget or you are working on a high volume job and the client is looking for less expensive locks the TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinder Locks range is the ideal choice.

The TradeLocks Budget Euro Cylinder range will give you more options, more security, and more features compacted into one inexpensive lock than any other on the market at this price. As with all other TradeLocks brand products we guarantee only the highest quality development and manufacturing of all tools, accessories, and of course, home security solutions. We strive to offer professional locksmiths a variety of options which will in turn help them find exactly what their client needs and in turn impress them and grow in their trade.

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