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Ponytail Door Knockers

From traditional and classic to the impressive and modern the Ponytail Door Knockers offer your customers a fantastic option to add the traditional door knocker to their door with a modern and stylish touch. The 6”Ponytail Door Knockers are developed of high quality materials to ensure durability and come available in 4 attractive stunning finishes. 


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Ponytail Door Knockers

Where Class and Art Deco Meet: Ponytail Door Knockers


The Ponytail Door Knockers available at TradeLocks are a perfect combination of the traditional door knocker an a sleek Art Deco touch so as to better match them to a more modern home exterior.

Because a home has more modern lines and a sleeker design doesn’t mean that your customers cannot add a fantastic traditional door knocker. The impressive and very stylish Ponytail Door Knockers with integrated striker plate feature sleek and attractive modern lines all the while allowing your customers to keep to the tradition of adding a knocker onto their door.

Available in Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, White, and Black the Ponytail Door Knockers offer fantastic quality at an excellent value for money and a great investment for any locksmith looking to give their modern customers a great selection. At 6 inches (152 mm) long they feature asymmetric lines with a clean and understated striking plate. Giving an Art Deco feel keeps the sleek door hardware looking modern and still adding the traditional touch to any door.

The all metal construction and durable finish ensure that these last longer making them a great value for money and a great way to make a statement on any door. The overall door design is the first thing that people see when arriving at a property and the door hardware needs to be not only perfectly matched to each other but to the rest of the overall home exterior. The Ponytail Door Knockers are a great option for modern and Art Deco homes which have a sleeker and more modern design. Ideal for panelled doors they are ideal for narrow vertical profiles featuring mouldings or planks.

TradeLocks delivers impressive products to locksmiths throughout Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. Wherever you are in the United Kingdom we can help you stock your locksmith store and present your customers with a variety of great window and door hardware products that will help make an impression, secure the home, and overall look fantastic at a great price. 

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