Salamander Firecheck Door Viewers (Spyholes)

UAP Fire Check Door Viewers Offer More than a View Outside

Whether you are looking for great products to present your clients as you work on the field or are looking for quality door hardware to add to your shelves in your shop the impressive UAP Fire Check Door Viewer range is by far a great way to make a profit.

Currently there are two UAP Fire Check Door Viewer designs available each with a variety of finishes to ensure perfect colour matching to the rest of the door hardware. Each viewer features an intumbescent lining which has the ability to expand and fill any holes when it becomes heated by a fire which in turn helps prevent the risk of a fire spreading for up to 60 minutes. Featuring a 12 mm barrel, 26 mm viewer, and 35-55 mm opening with the UAP Fire Check Door Viewer the homeowner gets a 180 degree view. Available in three different finishes you can easily match the viewer to the rest of the door hardware your client has selected.

The second option available in the UAP Fire Check Door Viewers range is the Secure to View Door Viewer. Just like the first option it also features the intumbescent lining but in addition has added features which make it ideal for anyone with sight difficulties such as the elderly. Offering a clear view from up to 2 meters away from the door it offers ultimate door security. Offering a wider viewing area with the Ultra Wide View Lens even if someone is crouching or hiding nearby they will be easily seen. The dimensions are as follows: 38 mm barrel, 55-62 mm opening, and 60 mm viewer and are available in two finishes for better colour matching.

Both of the UAP Fire Check Door Viewer designs have been awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ Approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers and just like all other UAP Fire Check products have passed the 60 minute Fire Check from the Warrington Fire Research Centre and awarded a certificate of approval. Complying with DHF TS 02:2009 standards and offering numerous great features that assure quality, durability, safety, and door security the UAP Fire Check Door Viewers available at TradeLocks are a favourite among homeowners and professional locksmiths alike.