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Door Viewer Extensions

With a variety of Door Viewer Extensions TradeLocks has made it possible to fit any door viewer to any door. Available in different sizes regardless of the door, frame, or wall thickness these fantastic extensions are ideal for every job increasing the length of the door viewer by up to 55 mm. 


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Door Viewer Extensions

Make Any Door Viewer fit Any Door with Door Viewer Extensions


TradeLocks offers a variety of great door hardware and door accessory products such as the impressive Door Viewer Extensions which are essential for adjusting any door viewer according with the door, frame, or wall you are attempting to fit it onto. With lengths ranging from 10 – 55 mm you can now fit the UAP Door Viewers anywhere.

Also available in several finishes the door viewer extensions present locksmiths just enough length to ensure that nothing hinders their work. Developed of high quality materials and designed to be durable and fit the UAP Door Viewers these extensions are a great choice for doors that are of uncommon thicknesses or for fitting a door viewer onto another surface such as the door frame or even wall.

There are several sizes available to help you get the results you are seeking. Make sure that prior to ordering you measure the length that will be required as there are several options available. There is the 10 mm Extension which gives you just that extra bit of length, the 20 mm that helps you cover doors that are of uncommon extra thick doors, and the 55 mm which are suitable for other surfaces as well such as the door frame or even a thinner wall. Remember that if you are planning on using a door viewer fitted onto a door knocker you will need to also add another 10 mm to the overall length required and don’t overlook the barrel thickness as you make a selection.

Locksmiths turn to TradeLocks for professional lock tools, window and door security hardware and accessories, and a variety far beyond what the competition is offering in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain. With some of the lowest prices on great products and impressive accessories such as the very useful Door Viewer Extensions, TradeLocks has become the number one go-to place for professional locksmiths. Be sure to review the various options of Door Viewer Extensions available and if necessary contact us to help you select the most suitable product for your needs. 

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