MAX6 Self Adhesive Anodised Gold Front Door Number 6

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Make your property stand out with a MAX6 Self Adhesive Anodised Gold Front Door Number 6

If you need a front door number that can stand up to the elements and look great on your front door or wall then a MAX6 Self Adhesive Anodised Gold Front Door Number 6 is the one for you. This bright front door number ensures your house number is visible at all times, making it easier for visitors, the postal services and the emergency services to find you!

The Self Adhesive Anodised Gold Front Door Number 6 is 3 inches in height. They have a super strong, waterproof adhesive covering; so fixing a door number 6 has never been easier. They also give ultimate durability and long life.

Each front door number is secured to the door using industrial closed cell tape. This is watertight, meaning it prevents water from entering and causing the numeral to rust, and this fixing leaves no marks on your door, making it perfect to use if you are in rented accommodation.

The front door number 6 can be fitted to your door in minutes and it comes with full step by step fitting instructions!

Product Code: 6TRGASA-MAX6

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