Hidden Fix Letterplate Restrictor Shroud Extensions

The new PAS24 requirements are to meet the new TS008 standard and it is all to do with key fishing and with stopping people gaining access to open the thumbturn cylinder. But this test has been revised and now the letterplate shroud and thumbturn have to be in line on the door. What this means is that every letterplate shroud in the market will fail the TS008 standard as it is possible to still get around to the thumbturn by using wires!

To overcome this, UAP Tradelocks has developed a letterplate shroud extension arm for the hidden fix letterplate shrouds. There is one for both the left and right side of the letterplate, depending on which side the thumbturn is on. This letterplate shroud extension arm will fit into the current letterplate shrouds and makes it impossible to get any wires around it to open the thumbturn. We have these available in gold, silver and also white (colour matched to the letterplate shrouds).