Car Key Remote Generators

Tradelocks wants to help you stay at the forefront of your business and with the Car Key Remote Generators and Tokens from KeyDIY you know that you always have the best quality products.

In order to cover today’s vehicles there is a vast range of differing remote part numbers and styles, however, there is now one remote which replaces all these varying models. The KD200 and KD900 Key Remote Generators, which are ideal for garages, diagnostic centres, automotive locksmiths and key cutting centres, can now produce 80% of car key remotes, generating more than 100 types of transmitters and covering most of the popular applications, including Audi/VW Group, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Toyota. And because we always want to offer you the best deals, you can also get any of the Key Remote Generators free of charge, as part of a bundle that includes Mixed Remotes, Blades and Car Make Badges.

The majority of remote functions on the KeyDIY key remote generator machines are free; however there are some remote functions that will charge you tokens. And so you can also find at Tradelocks a range of KD Tokens to be used with those machines.

Whether you are looking to add auto services to your current locksmith services list or focus entirely on vehicles, the TradeLocks Auto Locksmith Tools range will help you become the best in your trade. Even the highest training and experience cannot help improve your business if you are not prepared with the right professional auto locksmith tools.

We work with some of the most popular brands and manufacturers of locksmith auto tools that are focused on vehicles that are most commonly found in the United Kingdom. We ship all of our high quality tools to Scotland, Ireland, and of course Great Britain. Our goal is to give every professional the opportunity to arm themselves with the best lock tools on the market so as to continuously grow in their trade and bring in more profit on their investment.