8 Inch Victorian Urn Slimline Door Knockers

Stylish Slimline Victoria Urn Door Hardware

Regardless how modern your home is nothing beats a classy door knocker and nothing surpasses the Slimline Victoria Urn door knocker design with its combination of timeless class and modern lines. Though today most door knockers have been exchanged for doorbells you can easily add some class and tradition to your front door with a simple door knocker. In many cases when a door knocker is placed on the door it will come into use, especially if you have small children that can be woken up by the doorbell.

When purchasing door hardware Trade Locks has done the legwork and put together a collection of the highest quality at the best prices on the market. Most think that choosing a door knocker doesn’t require much thought or preparation but keeping these few tips in mind will help you choose the most suitable door hardware to ensure that it is not only useful but attractive.

The Slimline Victoria Urn Door Knocker is a suitable door knocker that is not only useful but ideal to complement any home or door design. Regardless if you own an old Victorian home or a modern castle it can easily be installed to your front door as decoration as its simple design is undemanding yet stylish enough to be the perfect centrepiece of your door.

Once you have decided on the Slimline Victoria Urn door knocker it’s essential that you always consider the colour of your door and door hardware. If your door handle or knob is a certain colour or material the door knocker should match it in both design and material. The Slimline Victoria Urn door hardware is a new take on the classical and timeless Victorian design. With its vertical profile it is ideal for doors that have mouldings, planks, and panels.

Trade Locks offers a number of high quality door hardware and door security options at competitive prices. Your front door is the face of your home and usually the first thing that greets your guests. Make an impression with high quality and attractive door hardware that will leave a lasting impression in addition to keeping you safe and aware of visitors. If you have questions or would like help in choosing the most suitable door knocker or other door security hardware for your home feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives. 

Choosing the most suitable door knocker such as the stylish Slimline Victoria Urn design for your front door is key to completing the overall outside look of your home. There is plenty of variety at Trade Locks for you to choose from and certainly one of the most stylish and most sought after designs are the Slimline Victoria Urn door knockers. This is because they are a stylish combination between modern and traditional design, making them suitable for every architecture, from classic to contemporary.

Though the application of door knockers has been pushed aside by the more modern and certainly louder door bells, they are still an essential part to making your front door more attractive and complete. In addition to adding a sense of style to your front door this attractive front door hardware is ideal if you have small children as doorbells tend to be too loud waking them up during nap time or at night.

The Slimline Victoria Urn door knockers have a slim and attractive design with clean lines and curves. They make great additions to doors with mouldings, planks, and panels as their vertical profile mirrors and add to the overall look. Trade Locks offers Slimline Victoria Urn door knockers in white, black, gold plated, and chrome. Remember that when shopping for your door hardware you must always take into consideration the material, colour, and overall design so everything matches perfectly and looks as if it’s one whole. Each door knocker offered on our website and all front door hardware and security is made out of the highest quality material with sleek and attractive designs. When you purchase a Slimline Victoria Urn door knocker you get a guarantee of quality with our highly durable finish. Each door knocker comes with matching washers and nuts to ensure that the look is complete.

Whatever your security or design needs Trade Locks has it. We help you ensure that your home is both attractive and safe. If you have further questions regarding the Slimline Victoria Urn door knockers or other door hardware or home security products feel free to contact us direct and one of our helpful representatives will be more than happy to help you find what you need within your budget. Our variety of product lines and range of prices makes finding something suitable for your home and overall budget easy.